CrossFit Equipment for Home gym

Cross fit gym equipment is made in a way that supports fast and intense workouts. If you are looking for pansy equipment in a CrossFit gym, it will be difficult for you to find one. CrossFit gym contains professional quality equipment for strength training with few cardio options for instance rowers, electric treadmills and air bikes. CrossFit gym also has different types of equipment such as mountain climbers, jump ropes medicine ball and many more. Most of these machines require low effort to use; here is a list of top CrossFit equipment for the home gym.

1. Power Rack

A CrossFit gym will not be complete without a power rack. The rack is needed to hold your weights for safe workouts. The equipment is essential to people set to increase weight and set new personal records. Lifting heavy weights means that at some point you will be required to drop the barbells. Therefore planet fitness style gyms may not be the best option if you want to lose weight fast, which is a great reason to invest in cross fit equipment for home.

Power racks handle heavy weights safely and enable you to work safely without any injury to your body. Power racks can also be used as pull bars since most of them come with lat pulls attachments. The most significant power rack is Rogue Fitness Power Rack RML-490C, it is among the best power rack that you can acquire and its made of steel that enables to support heavy weights.

2. Barbell

A barbell is essential CrossFit equipment for the home gym; the Olympic barbells have a diameter at the end that supports Olympic weights as well as CrossFit bumper plates. It is necessary to look for a bar that has decent knurling with a cross hatch texture to make the bar easy to grip. Olympic barbells that have high weight limits last longer and bow with time. Barbells, therefore, are the most durable bars designed to be dropped without warping thus making them excellent cross fit equipment.

3. Weight Plates

You also need a weight plate for barbells. It is essential to select compatible plates for your barbell, for instance, if you have an Olympic bar, then you need Olympic plates. You may also need to decide the style of dishes you choose; however, bumper plates are the common styles for CrossFit. They have a uniform diameter that makes them safe however the weight and width of the plate varies.

4. Glute Ham Developer

Most CrossFit equipment has glute ham developers even though they are not a necessity. However, you opt for one as you build your gym all use alternative exercises for the hamstrings and glutes. The machines are essential in strengthening the glutes and hamstrings since they are the best among other pieces of equipment. To build stamina and high-intensity workouts that has beneficial strength squats, you need to devote enough time working with glutes and hamstrings solely. The exercise makes a range of activities easier and helps in preventing overuse injuries as a result of workouts.

5. Weight Bench

A weight bench is a necessity for your CrossFit den. Triceps dips and bench presses are some of the things that require a bench. It is the first thing that every gym owner purchases. A good weight bench is padded comfortable to offer your back support for challenging workouts.

An ideal bench should be adjustable to allow you to set configurations that you need to perform several moves.

6. Medicine Ball or Slam Ball

Medicine ball is good at promoting the strength of the core, developing bets reflexes enhancing coordination, building better balance, and improving stamina. The padded weights are usually cumbersome to use for the first time. However, once you have worked with them consistently, they become readily accessible to cross fit users. Medicine ball is of different weights; however, the best are those with the lowest weight to help you work on your way up.

Using a medicine ball that is large when you do not have enough experience is not advisable since you may end causing injuries to yourself.

 7. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are staples found in every CrossFit gym, and they also deserve a place in your home gym. They are needed for kettlebell swings, and farmer carries since they are cool and they are used to bunch other moves. Kettlebells are safer than plated dumbbells since you will not worry about sliding off the plates while working out. You will, therefore, consider buying a set of kettlebells since they are fixed weight and they make a flexible coating that protects the walls as well as the floors.


Well, the cross fit may be a tough workout; however, you do not need to give up. It is necessary to stay in your realistic objectives. The above discussed Top cross fit equipment for the home will help you do most common workouts from the comfort of your home.

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