DeskCycle Fitness Equipment – What Should You Get?

You’ve probably heard someone say that all family members benefit from DeskCycle products. That is absolutely correct. For reasons, please see our reviews of their best products below.

DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser

When you think of burning calories and reducing a few pounds while working, the DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser is a great idea. It is only 10″ tall so it can be easily tucked under the table and still gives you enough space to pedal the 3½“ pedal arms.

Please do not think that its arms are short so it cannot help you achieve the best training effect. In fact, with 8 levels of resistance, it has enough power. At 60 RPM, the range resistance is from 12 to 130 watts, and at 120 RPM is from 28 to 394 watts (i.e. about 2 times more than other exercise bikes).

The DeskCycle also comes with a small computer that can be moved up on your desk, so you can easily track practice parameters such as time, speed, burned calories, and distance. You can even use a free online calorie calculator to determine the exact amount of calories burned during exercise. All of these prove that the Deskcycle is an accurate investment.

Many tests have proven that the DeskCycle help to burn about 110 calories per hour if you cycle at the average speed. This result is equivalent to walking about 1 mile. The result can even increase if you increase your cycling time.

In addition, the key of its low profile design is 1/2” pedal length. Because the pedal length is short, it makes the maximum height of this desk cycle only about 10″. This makes it fit into tables as low as 27″.

And if you’re worried about assembling fitness equipment, let relax because assembling the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike only takes you a few minutes. All you need to do is attaching the front and rear supports and threading on the pedals. Rest assured that all instructions are clearly mentioned. Note that if you need more than 20 minutes to make this machine available, maybe you’re doing something wrong.


  •       Low profile design.
  •       Portable.
  •       It’s very small. At 10″ in height, it can be used under the table with as little as 27″ of clearance.
  •       Easy to assemble.
  •       Durable and maintenance free.
  •       A 39 lb effective flywheel weight.
  •       Good price.


  •       It can slide if not placed on a carpeted floor. Actually, the manufacturer recognized this and provided the accompanying tether, but that still could not completely fix the problem.
  •       If you sit on a swivel chair, sitting still while cycling becomes a bit difficult.
  •       If you are on the taller side, your space under the desk may not be sufficient.

DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser 2

There is almost no big difference between the DeskCycle and DeskCycle 2. However, it will be a mistake if Carmen don’t give you a more detailed look at this machine.

First, you can adjust its pedal height. For tall people or anyone who wants a bit more space for their knees, this means a lot.

The DeskCycle 2 gives you the option to adjust the pedal height from 10 ″ to 9 “. However, if you only want to use it every time you watch TV, you can use the DeskCycle.

Another highlight of the DeskCycle 2 compared to the DeskCycle is its much better visual display. The computer monitor that comes with it is larger in size and has some features like a 160 activity tracker.

Besides the above points, DeskCycle 2 also has other differences compared to DeskCycle:

  •       Activity logging will save your training history so you can track your progress.
  •       You can upload your training data from your DeskCycle to FitBit.

However, many users say these improvements is not really necessary.

In short, what makes version 2 stand out from the first version is the pedal height adjustment feature.


Can I Have An Intense Cardio Exercise With DeskCycle?

Yes, of course. The higher the tension and the faster the pedal speed, the more sweat you will get.

To get an intense workout, you only need to cycle at 30 miles an hour with a resistance level of 3 or more.

Can I Concentrate While Exercising With DeskCycle?

This depends on you. If your concentration is good and you can multitask, you won’t have any problems.

However, if you can’t concentrate, it is best to pedal intensely for 10 minutes and then stop before you need to concentrate.

Does It Cause Much Noise?

No. You can even talk on the phone while cycling.

Tips To Use DeskCycle Effectively

  •       When you first start, pedal slowly to avoid injury.
  •       Pedal down the downward movement to keep the cycle from moving.
  •       It would be better if your back is supported by a lumbar cushion.
  •       Cycling with your feet, not with your lower body.
  •       If you are too tall, lower your chair.
  •       Put the DeskCycle on a carpet to avoid slippery.

So you’ve learned about DeskCycle’s best products as well as the essential information to help you use them effectively. Hope that the above information is useful to you. Finally, if you have any questions about the above products, please leave a comment below.

Carmen will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day!

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