Steps on How Do Adjustable Dumbbells Work

It is challenging to start working out without the essential equipment. Having dumbbells is a critical part of a home gym. If you have ever seen the prices of dumbbells, then you have to agree with me that they are outrageous and occupy a lot of space. Due to this reason, many people have opted for adjustable dumbbells. The adjustable dumbbells have options for changing the weight.

How do the adjustable dumbbells work? Here are the full steps on how the dumbbells work. The steps will help you, even if you are a beginner.

What you need?

Before you start your workout with the dumbbells are essential elements that you need they include;

  • Set of adjustable dumbbells- it is necessary to find dumbbells that are desirable to your weight limit. If you are a beginner, you may need for a lighter set of dumbbells; however, as you get stronger, you will lift heavier weights. It therefore essential to also buy the heavier weights now and keep them to save money.
  • A comfortable pair of shoes
  • A workout plan you will follow- without a proper workout plan, you may not see the results with adjustable dumbbells; that is why you need a plan.
  • An area free of obstacles to complete your workout

Steps on How Adjustable Dumbbell Work

1.Warming Up

While at your workout, you need to stay free from injuries. It is, therefore, that you warm up your muscles before you can use your adjustable dumbbells. Muscles are elastic. Hence they become less flexible when they are cold and can be prone to tear. When you properly warm the muscles, they can perform better. Warm up may include, a light movement to increase the intensity incrementally. If you are planning on working on your upper body, then your warm-up should focus on your upper body as well. However, if you plan to work on your lower body, then need to warm your lower body. Further, if you are planning to work on the entire body, you need to warm up the whole body as well

2.Adjusting the Dumbbell

Once you have warmed up your muscles, you need to start your strength workout. When using the adjustable muscles, there are four moves, and every step is done differently with diverse weights based on the tissue worked on. To adjust the pressure on your dumbbells, some steps need to be followed depending on the brand that you are using. There are three types of dumbbells and here are they step to adjust them

Bowflex SelectTech

To change the weight on this type of dumbbell, you need to use the dial at the ends that adjusts pressure instantly.

 XMark Fitness

The dumbbells are also easy to adjust, each dumbbell has a lever on the top that you can be slide back and forth based on the weight you want.


Adjusting weight this dumbbell is a bit complicated; however, it is secure. You need to grab the pin and slide it to the slot of your desired weight.

3. Do Dumbbell Shoulder Press (First Move)

To start, you need do standing overhead dumbbell press; you need to adjust your dumbbells to a good start out the weight. For a start, use 10lbs and complete ten dumbbells presses.

4.  Do the Bent-over Row (Second Move)

Bent over row is the second movement of the adjustable dumbbell exercise. You can do this by using heavier weight since big back muscles will be used. It is vital that you adjust your dumbbells from 10 lbs to around 25 kg

5 Standing Lateral Raise (Third Move)

The standing lateral raise targets the rotator cuff.  The dumbbells need to be adjusted again since the muscles are usually weaker than the back. You, therefore, need to reduce the weight on your dumbbell to almost 10 lbs

6.The Dumbbell Pullover (Last Move)

The previous step on your workout requires you to use a chair, bed, or even a bench. Ensure your dumbbells are adjusted at 10- 15 lbs since this move is a bit technical.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen above, different steps require different weights when using adjustable dumbbells. However, when your muscles are stronger, it is to adjust the pressure on your dumbbells to ensure your body is challenged for you to see the results. Try doing this workout, and you will see great results that will strengthen your back and shoulders. You will also feel stronger and ready to challenge yourself harder. All that you need is to turn the dial of the slide the pin to make the weights heavier while putting more stress on your muscles.

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