What is cardio at home no equipment?

With a little creativity and some pace in your home, you can do excellent cardio at home no equipment. In this case, you do not require expensive and flashy machines to get a fancy exercise. With a simple body exercises, you can burn calories and spike your heart without going into the gym. Therefore, no gym, no equipment? Do not worry; you are well covered with a cardio exercise with no equipment.

Before you can start your workout routine, choose an appropriate area with enough space for your movements. Since you are required to lie down, jump, and move from side to side. Ultimately, it is essential to fit a yoga mat and leave enough extra space on all sides and incorporate all the body cardio drills in how workout.

1. High Knees

Start by spreading your feet wide and move one knee upward close to your chest as you pump your opposite arm. Next, bring your right knee towards your chest while lowering your hands down towards the lifted knee. Move your right leg to the initial position and continue with the motion on several times

2. Mountain Climbers

To do the mountain climbers, ensure your knees are below your shoulders, and your body is in a straight line and your hips are not sinking or hiking. Move one knee close to your chest and switch legs quickly, while driving one knee up, bring one leg back. For an extra challenge, move your knees across your body to the opposite of our elbows.

3. Side to Side Punches

Stand with your fit vast distance apart while turning your body to the right as you put more weight on your right leg. Punch the right side with your left arm as you bring your right leg towards your left while skipping uplifting both arms overhead. Land most of your weight on your left leg while punching out with right arm. Do this back and forth for at least 5o times.

4. Butt Kickers

Stand distant hip part with your feet and lift your right foot back towards your body as kickin it. Switch the legs and do this quickly for at least 5o reps, every time your right leg hits your backside that is a count.

5. Cross Jacks

Stand hip-width apart with your feet and arms straight out at shoulder height. Jump while crossing one leg in front of the other and cross your arms in front of you. Move your feet out while uncrossing your arms then cross the other leg as well as arm as you continue alternating.

6. Planks

Stand in a push-up position while forearms are at the ground instead of your hands. Hold yourself up with one foot while forearms are touching the ground. Ensure your hips do not sag, maintain a straight line from your shoulder all through to your feet.

7. Squats

Stand with your feet shoulder and hip-width apart while stretching your arms out in front of you, hinge your hips behind you and squat down until your legs are in a 90-degree angle. Push your glutes back further as if sitting in an imaginary chair if your knees creep past your toes.

8. Suicide Drills

Start the exercise by spreading the weight to the right leg to reach your left hand while your body is facing downward. As you use your right leg for support, raise your body rapidly while executing one step move over your right leg while placing all your weight on the other leg and reach with your right hand. Continue the exercise until you complete 50 reps.

9. Lunges

Place your hands on your hips behind your head. Move significant steps forwards and plant for the front foot. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Ensure the majority of your weight is in the front leg and do not allow the knee to pass your front toe. Move your front foot back to stand while repeating the same with the other leg.

10. Heisman

Stand with your feet more extensive than the hip distance. Lift your right leg and bring your knee towards your chest while bending your opposite arm in front of your chest directly. Jump to the other leg and switch hands. Do this simultaneously for at least 50 reps every time your right leg comes up is a count.


Now that you have learned different cardio at home no equipment exercises, I will encourage you to supplement your machine with the workouts. This will make your body movement varied and will enable you to build control over your body and balance your motion and coordination. It may look awkward and strange at the start, but once it is valid, it will be healthier for your body than using exercise equipment. Enjoy your exercise.

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